PupilPath Registration Information

PupilPath Registration Information

If you have not registered in Pupilpath, please do so.  Registration letters with parent and student codes were mailed home during the week of March 16th.  If you did not receive your letter and still need to register, please email Teresa Damelio at TDamelio@schools.nyc.gov for your code.

To register into PupilPath, go to https://pupilpath.skedula.com/ and click "Parents Register" if you are a parent or "Student Register" if you are a student.

These are the instructions to register:

Your email address (Parents, Students) 

Your prefix (Mr., Ms., Mrs., or Dr.) (Parents only) 

Your first name (Parents only) 

Your last name (Parents only) 

Your child's school (Parents, Students) 

Your child's OSIS # (Parents, Students) 

Your child's date of birth (Parents, Students) 

The registration code (Parents, Students)

After clicking "Register," you will receive an email with an activation link that will allow you to set your password. You can also download PupilPath.com to your iPhone/iPad devices via the iTunes App Store. Download the app to register your child and get notifications on your child's progress.

*Please note - Parents should use the "forgot password" link if they forgot their password.  This link does not work for students.  Students will need to re-register to log in if they forget their password.