Graduation Requirements and Advanced Placement Courses

Advanced Placement Courses

Attention all students taking AP classes - Please read the letter from the AP for All regarding the administration of the AP exams.

As part of the AP for ALL initiative by the Department of Education, our school proudly offers a variety of Advanced Placement (AP) Courses. Our AP course offerings include: 

  • AP US History
  • AP Psychology
  • AP Literature
  • AP Computer Science
  • AP Environmental Science

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Credit Requirements for Graduation

Students need 44 credits in these subject areas to earn a Regents diploma.

  • 8 credits in core English
  • 8 credits in Social Studies, including: 4 credits in Global History, 2 credits in U.S. History, 1 credit in Participation in Government, 1 credit in Economics
  • 6 credits in Math, including: at least 2 credits in advanced math (for example, Geometry or Algebra II)
  • 6 credits in Science, including: 2 credits in any life science and 2 credits in any physical science
  • 2 credits in Languages Other Than English (LOTE)
  • 4 credits in Physical Education, every year
  • 1 credit in Health Education
  • 2 credits in Arts Education, including visual arts, music, dance, and theater
  • 7 credits in Electives