Ms. Lynette Brown

College Counselor 

Room E317A

(718) 734-3280 ext. 3173

Ms. Jennifer Izzo

9th & 10th Grade Counselor

Room E317A

(718) 734-3280 ext. 3170

I have been in education since I graduated from Fordham University in 1998 with a BA in History and a BA in Theology. For the first few years of my teaching career I taught US History, about five years into teaching I shifted and started to teach Theology classes on both the high school and college levels. I have taught classes in Death and Dying, History of World Religions as well as Introduction to Theology classes at both Mercy College and St. John's University extension program. As a teacher, I recognized the strong connection between mental health and a student's academic success and as a result I started to work on my school counseling masters, MSed. While working in a high school setting, teaching death and dying I would facilitate bereavement groups for my high school students. Since working in the New York City Department of Education I have come to fully understand the impact of mental health well being and the strong need for it within our school community. As a clinician I wanted to expand my credentials and experiences and began working on my Advanced Certificate program as a Licensed Mental Health Clinician, LMHC. While completing this certification program I will also complete a Certified Alcohol and Substance Abuse Clinician program earning a CASAC-T. In addition to working in a high school setting I also have experience working in an outpatient substance abuse clinic. In addition to my work experience I am also trained in de-escalation strategies through the TCIS, Therapeutic Counseling Intervention Services for schools through Cornell University. As a parent, educator and clinician I found the best approach to education is a holistic approach that meets the social, emotional and educational needs of students as both individuals and part of the school community.