Assistant Principal - Guidance, Instruction, Special Education


Ms. Dinah Gieske

Room 216

(718) 734-3280 ext. 2911

Dinah Gieske is an accomplished educational professional with twenty-five years of expertise in administration and teaching, and experience and background in curriculum planning and professional development. She attended SUNY Purchase and majored in Political Science, and then got her Master Degree at Boston University where she worked with Howard Zinn to learn to teach high school social studies. She spent ten years in the Bronx teaching at a small high school and then worked as a consultant with the New York City schools coaching teachers and planning professional development. During this time, she worked to achieve a School Building Leader certificate from City College. She brings key strengths, including proven leadership skills and a commitment to student-centered education, to her current work at Rockaway Park High School as the Assistant Principal of Curriculum and Supervision. Much of her work at Rockaway Park includes curriculum planning with the Common Cores Standards and coaching teachers using the Danielson Teacher Frameworks.